Mazen Yahia

Director & Founder

ProActive Care is an allied health service provider founded in 2010 by Mazen Yahia with a mission to be a leading and innovative healthcare provider in Australia.

Our Mission, Vision & Values


To be a leading and innovative healthcare provider, by providing cutting edge services to our clients. We strive to ensure our clients achieve the maximum possible funding for their business while providing the latest in evidence based management and clinical treatment.


A proactive approach towards maintaining physical capability and the easing of the aches of ageing.


Excellence in the provision of quality care in an effort to build a positive, rewarding and fulfilling experience for all parties involved

Compassion, empathy and respect for the integrity and well-being of our clients is what drives us to make a difference in their lives

Commitment to assist our business partners to enrich and improve the quality of life of older Australians in our community

Initiative to make proposals on new projects, optimize functions and business processes; show desire to participate in project and work groups: contribute to performance improvement.

Resourcefulness to continuously develop our capabilities to find new non-routine solutions and projects outside the range of standard duties and traditional job function applications (i.e thinking outside the square)

Innovation and adaptability due to constant change in Aged Care sector by its regulatory body and funding instrument. We will be ready and accepting of change and will embrace the expectation to participate in and contribute to additional/unusual projects as part of our work in the facilities.

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