How ProActive Care Can Help With Falls Prevention in the Elderly…

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury in older adults aged 65 and over, and accounts for 72% of injury-related hospital admissions. 54% of older people who has a fall in a residential aged-care facility will sustained injuries, with 33% sustaining a fracture.


Who Is Likely To Fall?

About one third of people aged 65 and over will have a fall each year. Rate of falls are substantially higher among older adults living in residential aged-care setting. Risk of falls increases proportionately with ages, with almost half of seniors 85 and over falling annually. One fall increases likelihood of subsequent falls by 2-3x. Risk factors for falls include personal health factors, environmental factors, medications, and functional mobility.


What Effects Do Falls Have On Older Adults?

Most fall can have a negative effect on independence, quality of life, and even increase in risk of future falls. Fractures sustained from falls can lead to extended hospital admission, leading to functional decline and permanent disability.

Seniors also often develop a fear of falling, leading decreased participation in physical activities, leading to further reduction in mobility and function. 20-30% of older adults reports a fear falling after a fall, with 30-50% reporting a loss of confidence, and self-restriction in physical activities.


How Can ProActive Care Help?

“Many falls can be prevent by working with your health professionals to reduce risk factors and improving physical function”

Our highly dedicated physios are expertly trained to assist with falls prevention in older adults by:

  • Conducting a thorough functional assessment.
  • Identifying risk factors and how to reduce them.
  • Prescribing effective and appropriate safety equipment.
  • Create individualised exercises programs to optimise strength and balance.

ProActive Care also run Falls Prevention exercise groups for our partner aged-care facilities. In addition, we offer Falls Prevention Seminars for nurses, care staff, residents and family members to ensure all involved in the care of residents are informed on the significants of falls and how to reduce risk.

Contact us now to see how ProActive Care can help reduce risk of falls for your loved ones, or your aged-care facility.

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