A Handpan Healing Experience…

Aside from providing a professional and caring service for residents at our partner aged-care facilities, our passionate and multitalented physio, Timothy Thomas, also offers what he calls a “Handpan Healing Experience”.

Tim has specifically designed a calming and soothing live music performance, using rare and unique instruments such as Handpans, Singing Bowls, Rav Drums, and Tank Drums, to send residents on an acoustic sound journey.

Tim’s sound healing performance is an innovating and non-pharmacological approach to behavioural and pain management in the residential aged-care environment. Tim works closely with lifestyle staff members to promote relaxation and calming of the mind for residents with complex conditions such as dementia, anxiety, chronic pain and much more.

For more information about how Tim can use Handpan Healing to help managed behaviour and pain for residents at your aged-care facility, contact us at ProActive Care.

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